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Special English Portti (100 pages) July 2003; Vol. 22; Issue 86; Special English Issue No. 1

Cover: Ville Hyyrynen

Johanna Sinisalo: The Flying Dutchman4
Petri Salin: McB321
Kari T. Leppänen: Homo Sapiens Novus27
Anto Leikola: The Biology of the Tarzan of the Apes39
Pasi Jääskeläinen: Haunted House, Nr 1 Rocket Factory Street48
Boris Hurtta: The Revenge of the Bibliomaniac60
M. G. Soikkeli: Local Knowledge64
Jyrki Ijäs: The History of Finnish Science Fiction Books [21 pages!]74
Kanerva Eskola: Profound Speculations, Mainstream Appreciation and Humour — Finnish Science Fiction Literature at the Turn of the Millennium74
Hannu Mänttäri: p. 4, 5, 10
Kari T. Leppänen: p. 40, 44, 48, 49, 50
Reijo Purontakanen: p. 61, 63
Cover: Ville Hyyrynen

Portti is a science fiction and fantasy magazine. It is published by the Tampere Science Fiction Society, a non-profit association founded in 1979. The first number of the fanzine was issued in 1982, and since then 85 Finnish language numbers have been published — over 10000 pages altogether. Portti contains original Finnish short stories plus stories translated from the main European languages, articles, cartoons, sf news, video/dvd and book reviews.

Although actual science fiction books are not published in Finland in any great abundance, the present field of science fiction writing is rather active. The Tampere Science Fiction Society has annually organized national short story contests since 1986, and the writers’ eagerness to participate has been considerable. In some years the number of short stories in the contest has reached up to over 400 stories. Several of the successful participants of the Portti contest are nowadays valued authors.
This is the first Special English Portti. For it, some short stories and articles have been chosen from good writers; each writer is briefly presented in connection to her or his work. We regret that within the limited number of pages, only a very small part of the available short story and article material can be published here.

The magazine also includes a cartoon from one of the best known Finnish cartoonists. Two articles review Finnish science fiction literature from the late nineteenth century to the present; combined they give the widest overview so far published.

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